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Slow Stitch Workshops -  no sewing skills required!


These quiet 2 1/2 hours creative and bespoke Slow Stitch workshops are BIG on pausing and all about offering you the opportunity to pause for a bit, catch your breath, be still, reflect a little and mend and restore your soul. And of course create while you have fun with colours, fabrics and threads. 


With a delicious array of fabrics, threads and colours on offer and some Danish hygge, you have a delightful mix of creative possibilities! I will show you lots of examples for inspiration to help you get started and once you are engrossed in the quiet rhythm of needle and thread, I will keep you supplied with cuppas and wee treats while you have some blissful quiet time to just be.

These workshops have been born out of having experienced firsthand what it’s like to need to be mended a bit and learning how valuable, essential, and non-selfish it is to be still. 


  • Introduction to slow stitch - the one to start with!

  • Naturals, linens, cottons - a good second one to try!

  • Painted and dyed fabrics - includes painting some fabric to take home!

  • Story telling, remembering, processing life.

  • Taking notes with stitching.

Workshops can be booked as a single workshop or as a series of workshops. Choose 4 and get a discount!

Workshops can be

  • 1 to 1 workshop. 

  • Private group booking  - when an individual books a workshop for a group of friends, perhaps as a present, or a group of friends just decide they want to try something different together. Max 4 people.


They take place in my ‘hyggelige’ - that Danish word again! - home in Dunblane. 


I much prefer responding to requests and finding a mutually suitable date that works for you rather than me setting dates and then they don’t work for those interested. That way they can be mornings, afternoons or evenings. They could be weekdays or a weekend. Basically a time that suits you!


All materials and a cuppa included! 

Slow stitch workshops £35.00 per person.

If you book a series of 4 £120.00 per person.  

Also: I can go mobile and come to you!

I am happy to bring a workshop to you. Time for travel and fuel would have to be added to the workshop cost. 

Key elements to consider would be space available and lighting.

Woolly workshop possibility - learn a new woolly skill​​

Learn to knit Scandi style - it’s so much faster and far better for your joints. 








Cost for Woolly workshops

Wool and refreshments included.

£20 for 2 hours, again at a time when it suits you.

Bring your own needle or buy a pair from me.

Note: I use pure wool for these sessions to reduce the use of 'plastic' yarns: of course if you have a wool allergy, no problem, we can easily use cotton or acrylic.


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