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Pop Up Shop

As part of the workshops, I set up a little pop up shop. There is no pressure to buy - or even look! It’s just there if you'd like to look and need a present.

The makes can vary a little and are mostly pictures; they are makes with thought and meaning and are inspired by nature, seasons and life. And being still, reflection and colour. They have their inspiration story attached on the back. 

There are usually seascape pictures, both day time and dusk. And Slow Stitch ones and Loch Venechar glass ones.

Then there are upcycled jam jars which can be used as tea light holders or as vases.

All are made mostly with natural fibres. And most of them are from Scotland and Scandinavia. Because this is where I live and that is where I am from.

I have Gift Vouchers for workshops, too!

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