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What previous guests have said...

‘There is nothing I would have done differently. I didn’t want it to end!! It was so meditative and inspiring. Has aided my mental health, too. Recommend to anyone wanting to re-connect with themself.’ CB

‘Firstly I really enjoyed your introduction as to the benefits of taking time out and getting creative. There was a great variety of materials to chose from which allowed us to produce individual and unique pieces. The workshop was fun but at the same time relaxing and rewarding as we explored new skills. The light refreshments were an added bonus. There was no part of the session that I didn’t like apart from having to go home. I would like to be updated with any updates. Thank you again for a great experience.’  AF

‘Hi Lone, it was really good to meet you, and your husband in your beautiful home on Saturday, with X and the other girls. Thanks again for your hospitality, cookies and coffee. A great little partnership you have there.

I thoroughly enjoyed our slow stitching class and learnt loads from you. You have inspired me to try and be more creative and take time to do those things I want to do.

Liked all of the class, good pace, not rushed, very detailed and informative, tutor was very inspirational, helpful and reassuring. Her talent for craft work of all kinds is very motivating, and she is happy to explain how to achieve the end results by sharing her multitude of skills. An extremely talented lady who made us feel very welcome. I would love to do more classes with her. 

Nothing I didn’t like.

Would definitely recommend, already have.

Happy to be kept informed of any developments. Very interested in learning your Scandinavian knitting technique. 

Thanks again Lone. I have not decided what my stitching piece will end up being, but it is developing daily. I am so pleased with it, it will always have a special place in my heart no matter what it ends up being.’  SW

‘Just to say thank you so much for a lovely evening.  X and I enjoyed it so much. Thank you for sharing your wonderful artistry and skills and some of your  story. We will carry on and see where Slow Stitching takes us. Maybe you will see some of our efforts one day. Thank you again, God bless you and your family.’ VF

‘Just wanted to tell you that learning about Slow Stitching with you came just at the right time for me. I tested positive for Covid two weeks ago, so what did I do to pass the time while isolating? Slow stitching! I had fun and it really helped pass the time. I wasn’t very unwell so once I got past the initial doubt about what pieces of cloth to use I got quite addicted. Thank you again for sharing this. If you do plan a Part Two please let me know. ‘ VF

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