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My Story

I’m Danish

Hence the spelling of creative and the ‘hygge’ bit in the name. A Danish word that basically means all things cosy and pleasant and great atmosphere. I moved to Scotland in 1981 after a Scottish forestry student got a summer job in Denmark…working for my dad… the rest is history! This is my home now. 

The forest

I grew up in a forest with few people around and was instilled with an immense respect for nature and wildlife which I’m hugely grateful for and much of what I make is inspired by nature and seasons. 

Making and creativity

I was also surrounded by a rich culture of making and creativity and so I’m an avid maker be it knitting, crochet, bees wax covers, wet felting, weaving, dyeing and painting fabrics, sock knitting, experimenting with natural dyes for sock yarn ( - I confess the colours don’t always turn out like the pictures in the book….!) and of course process art and slow stitching. 

What next?

I had been pondering what to do in this next season of life. I knew flexibility would be essential and I liked the idea of using my home. How about if I could do something in my home on a flexible basis? With creativity? AND hygge?

Then came along a time of life which led to a need to pause, breathe and mend and out of that time came new creativity and a discovery of process art.

And so having experienced firsthand what it’s like to need to be mended and finding processing life with creativity and art hugely restorative, this new venture took shape. I know how valuable, essential, non-selfish and vital time to be still is. So the workshops are big on pausing and facilitating space to be still.

Here are some of my favourite words:

Pause. Inspired by Psalm 23 verse 2 ’He leads me beside restful waters’.

Breathe. Inspired by Psalm 23 verse 3 ‘He lets me catch my breath’. 

Reflect. It’s good to ponder things.

Mend. Inspired by Psalm 23 verse 2 ‘He beds me down in lush meadows’.

Not about mending belongings although I’m all for that and it’s fun

to make things last but more about being mended oneself.

Restore. Has got the word ‘rest’ within it!

Be still. Ahh, so very lovely! 

Create. Play and have fun. Doesn’t have to be perfect.

My Slow Stitch workshops reflect all of the above!

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